Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haunted Homecoming 1985

This past Saturday Greg and Maria had a Haunted Homecoming 1985 Halloween Party. It was originally just going to be a 80's prom theme but then was turned into everyone dress as some sort of icon or pop culture item from the 80's.
Gabe was crocodile Dundee for the first part of the night but later changed into his DEVO costume, Holly was Julie Brown's The homecoming Queens got a Gun, Chris was Vivian from the Young Ones and I was a Robert Palmer addicted to Love girl. We carpooled with Chris and Holly up to the party and Gabe's mom took this of us before we left.
There was a room set up with big projection screens of 80's horror movies and videos, a table of food, a fridge full of dry ice so when you open it for a beer a big fog would come pouring out, Bunch of decorations, they had a seance room with crystal ball set up in one of the rooms at their house, a full bar outside, pac-man in the was a nice set up.
Greg and Maria...Greg's WHAM outfit cracked me up!
Dave was Spicoli! It was very fitting
Viki was Toni Basil!
Dan was Robert Palmer and his friend April was also a Palmer girl.
Gabe! He changed pretty quickly.
Erik and Holly were Mario and princess Peach. They were really cute and I was very excited to hear that they have another baby on the way..Sofia will have a little sister in May!
Josh was Teen Wolf
GiGi came as a Black Panther..there were so many great costumes. The majority were dressed in 80's Garb but a few party hoppers were in other costumes.
They had Sing star 80's set up in the party room so everyone was singing 80's songs...Michael Burns was having way to much fun!
Holly and Michael doing a 80's song
Then MICKEY song came on and Vicki wa out on the floor doing her Mickey Cheer!
The night just flew by and next thing I know it is almost 3am. What a great party!


Ally said...

WOW!! What a great party the pics! You looked great!

Thelma said...

Man 3 am! You know it was a great party if you stayed till then!