Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On the Menu

Well Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I think this year now that we have a bigger place it will be a really great one.

My plan is to have a old fashion harvest style Thanksgiving. I am going to lay out long banquet tables in the backyard with white table cloths, Long pillar candles, and some harvest style table decorations ( hand made by the kids and I). I also thought I would string some White twinkling lights across the yard and everyone can enjoy the feast outdoors.

This year so far on the menu will be a Maple Roasted turkey with a Riesling gravy, Herb and garlic roasted potatoes, green bean casserole, green salad, apricot and raisin stuffing, my famous cream cheese corn dish, candied yams, fresh cranberry sauce...with maybe small chunks of canned mixed in for texture and croissants and biscuits!!

I am sure my great uncle Jr will probably bring over a honey baked Ham which he usually does.

The usual suspects that have dinner with us each year is my parents of course, my dads uncle, my brother and his girlfriend. Sometimes the twins get to come over too but that hasn't happened lately on a Thanksgiving. ally usually comes and spends Thanksgiving with us as well.

The day usually starts off with Wine tasting that I like to let Gabe give a little seminar of for everyone and that usually comes with some appetizers to match.
The day then consists of lots of chatting away, maybe a TV marathon of some sort, music and video game playing like guitar hero or rock band, then after eating , resting a little before heading out into the cold streets for some sort of mini camp out for the Toys r Us black Friday sale!

I can't wait!


Thelma said...

Awesome menu! Sounds sooo good!

Ally said...

I can't wait either!! Gonna be great.
I'll be bringing:
Iced Pumpkin cookies
Gurkensalat (German cucumber salad)
Warm Spinach dip with a french baguette

What a feast indeed!!