Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Frogs

About a week ago...maybe longer I caught this little guy at work. I come in very early in the morning and as i was walking towards the kitchen I saw him scamper away from under my foot and I jumped cause I frighten me...I thought it was a cricket at first but then I notice it was a tiny little toad.
Anyway general con census at home (husband and Son) said they wanted to keep him.
Well I still have him and he is very active. We been feeding him flies and crickets and moths and other little bugs found in my backyard. We have him in a 5 gallon tank at home under some bushes and he has a nice little habitat in there with some dry and wet areas and plenty of dirt, gravel, vines, plants and tons of other stuff.
One of my co worker said he has been finding all kinds of little frogs in the back shop area and been releasing them back outside. I told him to keep one for me if he finds another and today he has.
I am so excited to take the new frog over to live with my other frog. They are about the same size....same family maybe.
I think they are toads cause they are all really bumpy. I hope they grow big!!

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Thelma said...

He's so adorable with his little chubby self.