Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day~

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I must was really nice

 I woke up with this Valentine from my Son next to my pillow The back Read I LOVE YOU!
 This sugary treat from My boss
 Wore my Black Crystal Heart necklace that Gabe let me purchase on his dime for a Valentine's Gift
 Then at Lunch Time Gabe showed up to my work with Roses and Candy and took me out to eat for Lunch ( Which he wanted to take me to his resturant) But we are short staffed at work and I was kind of in a rush so we went to Panera.
 When I got home Gabe left for work but He had made this cake for Parker for Parker's Birthday. I love the decorations with the soda's and Hamburgers and baseball stuff. My dad came over and brought Parker a bday gift and Ava and I Valentine's gifts. He got me A potted Bulbs of Daffodils..cannot wait til they bloom! He got Ava a Bottle of Dinosaurs ( which are her faves) Parker I believe Candy. My Brother and Jess came over too and we all watched FACE OFF which we love and sangHappy Birthday again to Parker. I skipped on the cake since I am TRYING to loose weight before Vegas.
While we all watched TV I also had my little Buddy Chugs hanging with me. We love our dog. He is the Best. He is a good listener, Loves to play fetch, Loves the kids and really ANYONE. He is so awesome!!
Such a Great Day yesterday!!

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Thelma said...

mmm...Parker's Birthday cake looks yummy!!