Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Parker's Laser Tag Bday Party

Parker's is eleven years old today!! Which shocks me how fast time goes..which even more shocks me that Gabe and I been together going on 13 years this year!! ZOINKS!

Anyway Since Parker's birthday is on Valentine's Day we usually celebrate Parker's Bday the weekend before or after. We have not had a party for him last year and so this year he either wanted a Laser Tag party or a Go Cart Party. I think more so Laser tag so Laser tag party it was.

 We rented a time slot at The Power House which is an arcade with a Laser Tag room . We let him invite 8 kids which of course were all his old buddies he used to pal around with at his school in Long Beach he went to. I know the kids probably would be more anxious to play games and laser tag then do the whole cake cutting thing so I just made my own cupcake. Parker wanted cookies and cream cupcakes so that is what I made.
 I made my own whipped cream frosting but what I should have done is made the frosting before and chilled it over night cause it melted right away. However when I got to Power House they put them in the freezer..they ended up being like Ice Cream cakes.
 I like how they customized Parkers table with Laser tag cups, napkins and plates!
 I love that this place does all the decorating, gift bags, food and most of all clean up!
 Parker even got this cool souvenir dog for all his guests to sign...Of course my brother had to sign the butt hole of the dog...
 Ava was pretty darn excited for the party..She LOOOOVES parties!
 They kids got to do a round of laser tag while  we waited for the Pizza to arrive
 and we lit one candle on the cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to Parker and as fast as lightening the were back in the laser tag room and playing video games

 Ava got to play some games too..she one like over 3,000 tickets to redeem some fun trinkets at the prize booth. I think the shot gun was too heavy for her.
 All of Parkers friends showed up except for his two cousins so we had two already paid for laser tags wristbands and games cards..luckily my brother and his girlfriend showed up and they could use them..they are like a couple of BIG KIDS!
 at the prize booth Ava picked out an oriental fan...she loves it
 Parker and his pals and little sister
 My brother and Gabe playing foosball ...Alex won
 I went to see what all the boys were up too...there is one game that is just basically a ride simulator..they ALL jumped on it and were having a blast
 Funny Kids
Ava and her goodie bag as we were leaving.

Once the guests left my brother and Jess surprised Parker with a ticket to see Star Wars in 3d in the IMAX theater and Parker's friend Alec went with him. So they got lots of snacks and went to the movies while Gabe and I went home and Ava and I took a nice much needed nap.
Parker said he had the best time. I have to say ..I had a pretty good time as well!

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Thelma said...

Oh looks like a TON of FUN on Parkers special day!! Love Ava's outfit!! And I am glad the cupcakes were a smash!