Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Depeche Mode Birthday Party

This Past Saturday we were off to My husband Gabe's Good long time Friend Rolands Birthday Party!
Roland is a HUGE depeche Mode Fan so it was a Depeche Mode themed Party!

 Here is the Birthday Boy Roland..with their little dog Sadie (whom I was the foster for)
 The Dj booth..where we heard depeche Mode all night long
 They had a DM videos and clips playing on the walls
 Patti and Dennis. Patti also went to high School with Gabe.
Scott and His GF met up at my house and followed us up to the party. My brother and Jess carpooled with Gabe and I.
 Rolands Birthday cake...I heard it was wonderful..I didn't have any cause I am trying to lose some weight before my upcoming travels to Florida and Las Vegas.
 I did partake in some carrots and dip though
 and we all did a shot of 18 year old Irish Whiskey!!
 The hallway had a pretty good light show going on in it. It reminded me of space mountain at Disneyland. My brother hanging in the lights
 Jessica and I were having some very excellent Chocolate martinis!!
 We got party favors of these clear paint pails and inside was a special something for everyone..Gabe won a DM limited edition poster. (see Gabe wearing the leather jacket...hahaha to go with DM theme)
Scott got a Limited Edition Hard Rock Casino Poker Chip of when DM did a show there.

After our fun party favors and another drink it was time for DM Karaoke..(Roland has the pictures of that) No one would sing so Jess and I sung 2 songs to try and get the party rolling. We made sure to apologize to the crowd in advance before we started singing. We sung Personal Jesus and Just can't get enough. We got Gabe to go up and sing and he did Master and Servant..which was Cracking everyone up too cause he was dancing and at one point when the part it's a lot , it's a lot ; it's a lot Gabe said ..It's a Lot Man...hehehehe I thought it was just too damn funny.
After a few of our songs we headed home. It was a pretty fun ass party but then again Roland and Jen's parties are always fun!


Jessie said...

Looks like a great time! I love that little doggie in the first picture.

Thelma said...

Aww Sadie is so cute! Looks like a great party!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

That is the best Idea!!