Monday, February 13, 2012

Night Dive for Ally's Birthday!

This past Friday was my Pal Ally's birthday. She has been so busy with fostering and been stuck at home alot that she needed a fun night out for her birthday so I bought her a ticket to go to Night Dive! Night Dive is basically an event that happens every so often at the Aquarium of The Pacific. They basically turn it to a night club. They have a stage where bands play, cocktail bars inside, a martini lounge, Dj's indoors and Outdoors, artist in the hallways painting and other exhibits.

 The night before Thelma came over and Helped me make Ally some birthday cupcakes.
They were Strawberries and Champagne cupcakes. Everything made by scratch. It was vanilla cake with champagne /sourcream mixture added and some strawberry preserves added. The frosting was made with champagne as well. I used a Sweet Moscato champagne. I garnished the cupcakes with a dried candied strawberry..cupcakes that REALLY make you warm and fuzzy inside!
 I was able to round up a few peeps that wanted to come help me celebrate Ally's birthday so after work I picked up Ally then headed to pick up Thelma and Toni. We cruised with the convertible top down and music blaring on over to Downtown Long Beach where we went for Happy Hour drinks at the Mai Tai Bar. Ally and I were drink twins. We started off with this delicious and quite refreshing Cucumber melon crush.  This Mai Tai joint by the way...happy hour til 9!! Oh yes ...I will Be back!
 Thelma had an Aloha-tini and Toni had the Long Beach Long Island.
 after a couple rounds My brother and Jess showed up and joined us as well. Then it was time for some SHOTS!!!
 Down the hatch Ladies!! They were sunkist shooters..Like orange booze of some sort mixed with red bull.
 Jess and Ally
 and another round..
 After that last round it was time to head over to the Aquarium...we were considering hitting up the gourmet food trucks but the lines were insane! The queen Mary
 Us gals striking a pose...I know I am buzzed too when I start walking the cat walk  up and down the street...hey at least I was not the ONLY ONE...
 Ally and Jess with the world in their hands in the Martini Lounge
 Jess and Alex in the Martini Lounge
 we walked around with our martini's and checked out all the fish..we went outside where the dj's were playing electro music and petted the sharks and rays underneath the moonlit
 This Ray was HUGE!!!!
We drank, socialized and played at the aquarium basically until closing time. I am glad I went. I think I would go back again to another future event there. It was a blast!

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Thelma said...

It was so much fun, we have to do it again! Yeah too bad we didn't get any food from the food trucks. I still have a craving for something grilled cheese!! LOL!