Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tid Bits of the 3 day weekend...

So I just had a very nice 3 day weekend. I had nothing major planned. Friday after I picked up Ava from Pre School I headed over to one of my favorite thrift stores to see if I would find any treasures for the upcoming vegas rally...and I ended up buying about 5 dresses. I got some nice things for Vegas. Friday just relaxed with the kids and hubby and watched tv.
I got these shoes at the thrift store as well. Nice little small heel pointy toes for Vegas!

 Saturday morning we headed over to IHOP and got some pancakes. This IHOP was a trip. They ONLY play 80's music. It got us tapping our feet while we eat. It kind of liven things up. Parker was feeding Ava strawberries from his crepes!
 After breakfast we headed to another thrift store cause I wanted to see if they had black gloves. At this thrift store they had this ice crusher from the 50's-60's that I been always on the fence about buying. Anyway that Sat all household items were 60 % off and it was there still so I HAD to buy it. It works great. I was telling Gabe that eventually I would love everything in my house to be from the Mid Century as far as Appliances go ..or really anything ( except my tv and computer of course).
 This place always has TONS of vintage appliances. I did come across these little set of juice glasses. I was not too keen on the design..look more 70's-80's but they did bring back memories.
 I love the perculator!!! Too bad all the attachments were not with it cause I am pretty sure I would have Bought it! That little ice tea dispenser I kinda like too!
 After the thrift store it was off to drop off clothing to the tailor that I taking to Vegas. Needed a lot of stuff shortened up! Afterwards is was off to get a washer and dryer. The original plan was just to replace the dryer we had because Our dryer kept eating our clothes. I had to throw away SO many clothing because of holes in them and it made this god awful loud screech everytime it ran that you could hear for miles. We were not looking for something BRAND New just maybe a good used dryer. We found this warehouse in Garden Grove that sells refurbised washer and dryers. We went and looked around and I found this one WONDERFUL dryer..It is HUGE inside and a commercial dryer which is JUST what I was looking for. Anyway we ended up getting a washer as well. I had to lockup the dogs when they were delivered and installed. They were giving me such sad faces.
 These are my NEW USED washer and dryer which work so fantastic and a nice breath of fresh Air compared to the old washer and dryer. There were some other really cool digital washer and dryers and front loading washer and dryer but I am not a huge fan of those. These are HUGE buckets and these two and I always have TON of laundry. Also the dryer has like a GAzillion settings...which I love!!!
Since it almost took all damn day to get the washer and dryer delivered and installed we missed the opprotunity to go to our friends housewarming party in San Diego which we were looking forward to going.
So later My brother and Jess came over and we went halfers to buy a new board game and bought some booze to make some drinks. We made these drinks called the Gravitron which we discovered were meant to be shots. It is Cotton Candy Vodka , Blue Curaco and Pineapple juice. So we drank those and Played Quelf all night!
 Sunday morning I got up early and made a Huge breakfast for the fam and my brother and Jess since they stayed the night. We had waffles,eggs,bacon,potaoes and Mimosa's.  After breakfast we played another game of Quelf. The rest of the day I just relaxed since I have been under the weather for the past few days ( and Still) Sunday night Gabe made us a italian dinner of Carbionara and opened some red wine and we watched Mob Wives and then a netflix of Cinema Paradiso..WHICH was FRIGGEN 3 HOURS!!! It was good but they could have easily taken out about 45 minutes of slow parts.
 The Wine was Marvolus!
 Gabe had his little kitty just on him relaxing
 I was wondering at some point too why Ava was so quiet...Low and Behold she was in Parker's Bedroom with ALL the board games taken out and opened. At least one night a week if not evey other week My brother and Jess come over to do Board game night ..I guess Ava wants in on the action!
 Then she got Quelf  ( the game we were playing all weekend) and Brought it in the living room cause she wanted to play.
 Monday I had off but Gabe had to use my car to go to work so I got up and cooked us all breakfast and off he went to take Ava to the Y and Parker and I just stayed home all day. I was feeling sick all day long so I took it easy. I figured I would play with my nail polishes. I love nail Polish..I also now have a O.P.I. connection!! I just put in a huge order...cannot wait to get my new polishes!!
 My how this gold glitter shines!
 I laid in bed after awhile cause I just felt soo awful. I had all the dogs (foster) and cats in the bed with me and Parker was in the room with me too playing video games on the computer. This is Paco my foster trying to pick fleas off JT.
Anyway I also cut my bangs last night..My hair is a mess in this pix ..I did not flat Iron it and I had no sleep due to clogged irriatated sinuses and severe sore throat so you can see the bags under my eyes.
I just hope I am better before my trips!
Ok time to make a dr appt..I feel like Hell.......


Thelma said...

OMG...soo...how many OPI did you get? I cannot wait to see them!

Iris said...

I think I ordered 12!! A few from The Muppet collection. Dude..I got HOOKED UP!!!!!