Friday, February 24, 2012

Fantastic Plastic!!

A couple weekends ago I decided to have a Tupperware Party...Mainly cause with all the cooking and buying my own spices, grains and pasta in bulk now I really need some NEW storage containers..and for me ONLY Tupperware storage containers I will use. I don't want that cheap crap that after awhile leaves my food tasting like plastic..and it STILL does not stay Air tight like Tupperware.
I figure I might as well have a party if I want to order lots of Tupperware and get it for a deal.
Anyway at my party a couple gals decided to book parties as well. My brothers girlfriend Jess wanted to host one at my house and last night was her party.

I ended up signing up to be a Tupperware consultant again! I got about 530 dollars worth of Tupperware for 119.00!!

Now I am not selling Tupperware because I need the extra cash...I am buying it to get product!
If I could get my cupboards to look like this

                                                              and my fridge to look like this
             I would be a HAPPY CAMPER!!

 I cannot WAIT to start doing parties. I just hope some of my friends will be willing to throw one. I mean the parties only need 3 people at the MIN and there is So many FUN themes such as BBQ, Margaritas and Salsa, Mommy and me , Wine and Cheese, Candy Making, Chips and Dips, Death By Chocolate..the possibilities are endless!
 Tupperware parties have come a long way since the 50's! Besides just having wonderful food storage they have all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets. For example I ordered some Onion,tomato and cheese keepers. They are containers to store that Half cut up tomato or Onion rather than it be left in the fridge in wrap or like my husband does ..just sitting on the fridge shelf uncovered ..blehh
 My first party is going to be a Mommy and Me party. What we do is we demo the Soup Mug and with the soup mug in just minutes in the microwave you can make Mini Cakes. So we are going to have a table set up for all the kiddies and make a bunch of mini cakes and let them decorate it with Tupperware items of course While tha mamas can make some Dips and use some of the product themselves.
 I decided too that for all my parties I am going to dress up and wear my hostess Apron and be fancy...anything to make the party classic and interesting
 In the next week or so I should be getting my website up and running and I hope I can sell..
                                                                 I hope I can be successful at this too..It would be nice to make some extra income on top of getting FREE TUPPERWARE

Anyways if your ever interested Give me a Call!!

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Jessie said...

I love being organized!!! I will look at your website once you get the link. :)