Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dapper Day at Disneyland!

This Past Sunday was Dapper Day at Disneyland. Dapper day is one day of the year When everyone ( well everyone who knows about it) dresses in their vintage dapper attire. I have some wonderful Dapper attire but I gained some weight and they fit me pretty tight so I opted just to wear a  casual 60's little day dress.  Throughout the whole day we were stopped by SO MANY people asking what is going on ?? Is there a convention?? Why are so many dressed up??

 Gabe and I renewed our passports for Disneyland when we went. Inside we met up with Sade and Hiram . Ofcourse first stop was cocktails! Here is Sade and I. we were at Ariels Grotto in DCA.
 The guys in their Dapper Attire. I could not do any photos cause my camera was dead and my phone went dead so I taken a few of these from Burns and from the Dapper Day site.

 At 3pm everyone met at the Mark Twain for a DAPPER Ride across the rivers of America!! We also met up with Greg and Maria there. They had to do 2 trips since there was so many Dappers. We went on the 2nd round. You can see us all below waiting in the right hand corner.
 Wave Hi!! Here is a link to the Dapper Day can see us on the top of the Mark Twain in the begging on the right hand corner
 The Band plays and people started to dance.
After the Mark Twain we all went on the Pirates of the Caribbean and went back over to DCA for our Soar'n over California fast passes and more cocktails and a bite to eat. It was a real Crack up watching Michael  go on Soar'n for the first time..he already has a phobia of flying ..he had no idea what to expect...It was FUNNY!!!
 Crazy Guy!
After a few cocktails everyone was off to the smoking section ..I gave in..can't help it when I drink. Afterwards it was Back to Disneyland where we went on some more rides such as Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Jungle cruise etc..
We let Michael Drive on Indiana Jones...another ride he has never been on! I know Mike has more pictures maybe later I will steal his!!
Anyway I heard they are going to do a Fall Dapper Day...I will sooo be there!


Thelma said...

How fun that Disneyland does these special days!

April Rodriguez said...

I want to go next time! Are there different Daper events all over LA? Burns posted something recently about something at the racetrack correct?

Iris said...

Yes. April as a matter of fact there is I believe. I met one of the guys who is also going to be putting on a Dapper Day on the Subway in LA. You can check out the link

I want to check out the day at the races as well!!!