Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baseball and Playground Practice

                                   Monday afternoon Parker had baseball practice and Luckily for us that Gabe has Monday and Friday nights off so he can take him to his practices. Anyway while I was picking up Ava from School Gabe asked if we wanted to drive to the park and watch Parkers practice. So Off we went..
 Parker looked like he was enjoying himself
 Luckily the kids were pretty bundled up cause it was raining earlier and it was FREEZING and Windy outside
 Ava got bored watching the practice so we went to check out the playground
 She had to ride the seahorse
 Then the Dolphin
 Then the whale..which she was really liking this one
 As she played I stood there freezing...Maybe it was because of the shoes I was wearing...hmmm
 Once she got on the swing that is all she wanted to ride
 HOLD ON!!!!
Once we were finished on the swings it was just to cold for me to bare and Ava's hands were ice so I told Gabe we would meet him at home...On the way home though I made a pit stop at Sephora since I had a Sephora gift card burning a hole in my wallet. I was trying on some things when I went to look at Ava and saw this...It was even worse cause she WOULD NOT STOP putting make up on her face.
All the ladies that work there and other patrons thought it was the cutest thing..I was like Not when your scrubbing her face and she is fighting you off .
Once we got home, and I changed and Scrubbed Ava's face we decided to all go out to dinner for a little Valentine's dinner. We knew we would have to take the kids and we did not want to splurge on dinner since we wanted to save up cash for our upcoming Vegas trip and the fancy places we will be eating out there so we opted for the 3 course dinner special at Olive Garden...which we all actually reallly love Olive Garden. Gabe and I brought in a bottle of Moscato to have with dinner and Parker got Happy Birthday sang to him again!
It was just a wonderful evening.

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Thelma said...

i does sound like a nice evening, hey i love the Olive Garden too shoot!!