Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas Party Number 2 -The Ellman's

Friday night was the Annual Xmas party with friends held at Josh and Vickie's.
A group of our friends get together every year which we like to refer to as the YULE LOG get together. It is usually hosted at the Raspet home or the Ellman home. This year it was the Ellman Home.
Every year at the annual Yule log there Must be a White Elephant gift exchange and some sort of theme.
This years was Festive Hats.
I brought a Bottle of Fernet Branca to the party. It is like a stimulating wonder tonic but it is the absolute worst VILE tasting stuff you will ever consume! It is HORRIBLE! My cousin and I pictured above had like at least 7 shots of it and I felt as if I drank a few energy drinks..I was a talking fool! I had no hangover.
The spread...I really wish I could have taken a picture of the HUGE clam shell on the table filled with Sangria...which was very potent looking at all who consumed it. I did not have any. I stuck with plain ol shots and cocktails..thankfully we had already arranged to stay the night at Josh and Vicki's.

I was making sure everyone tried the Fernet. Eric and Brian had a couple.
We even got Michael to try a couple...but of course he much rather stick with the rum and cokes.
Fernet anyone?????
I got some takers!!
It was soon time to round everyone for the white elephant gift exchange.
Josh going over the rules! This was the LONGEST white elephant gift exchange EVER!!. There was about 30 gifts to do! Plus with the stealing it was a long one.
Eric got to go first. He got a Carmen Miranda Platter her a drink of his beer
Oh not only a platter but a high heel mug to drink from!
Dave got a dali lama book...I thought to myself ..hmm how fitting and he actually said he already read the book.
Speaking of fitting...Sluggo's was right on Target hahahahahaha
Michael won a very obscene coloring got stolen right away. It was a coloring book of Vagina's...It makes me think of the sex and the city episode when there was a famous artist that painted them. Anyway I didn't take pictures of all of the gifts cause it was just too many. Oh and my gift that I ended up with was the ever so popular SHAKE WEIGHT! Believe me I been using it too!
Ok Back to drinking and dancing....Josh was dancing to Come on Eileen in this picture...He played it 3 times in a row and was just dancing to himself in the living room.
The rest of the party was dancing outside on the deck or sitting by the fire. It was a LONG night...we didn't go to bed til about 4:30am!!
The next morning Gabe and I got up around 9 and Boy was that place was a rager of a party! Good Times Indeed!

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Thelma said...

wrecked place? definately a GREAT party then!!! LOL!