Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Piaggio Party--# 3 at the Larson's

Every year I usually book a nice dinner for the staff at work and their spouses at a nice restaurant for a Xmas dinner. We have only 6 people that work in my office building where as the corporate office has ..hmm 30?
Anyway with the economy being as bad as it is everyone has been hurting and sacrifices had to be made and one of the sacrifices made by our company was No big xmas company dinner this year. The Corporate office just had some lunch brought in and some Champagne and let everyone leave early. I asked about a budget for us to use so we can do something here for the staff on the west coast and I was able to get a small budget.
We did not have enough to go out to a dinner but our boss Erik and His wife offered to make a dinner at their home and have everyone go to their place and eat and have some wine so that is what we did! I only took 3 pictures though cause I got too caught up with the good time. We were able to bring our kids so Sean and Erik were so nice enough to buy presents for the kids.
This photo is of Savannah (Erik's daughter who will be 3 on Feb 15) Ava ( 2) and Xander ( Josh's Son who is 19 months) opening their gifts from Sean and Julia which were Dr. Seuss Books and Stuffed Character. They got Parker a awesome outfit he loves and Cameron ( Erik's Son who is about 6 months older then Parker) a video game.
Patti made a fantastic dinner with A mixed green salad full of nuts and berries, a Gourmet Mac and Cheese, Green beans with Almonds and Asparagus, and Tri Tip. Oh and for dessert she made the most wonderful apple and berry turnover in that Fila Dough served with Vanilla Ice cream...pure heaven! after eating we had More wine ( think we went through about 6 bottles) then we played a game.
Patti fanned out a bunch of Wrapped Gift cards and the game was to draw a number and pick a gift card and then who ever was next could steal a gift card or draw a new one. I won a Gift card for the Movies!! Yay...cause I really want to see Little Fockers this weekend.
After the game we drank some more and socialized and had a lot of laughs. Erik bought toys for the kids so Ava was busy playing with her new Strawberry Shortcake doll with a scooter and Parker with his remote control Motorcycle Stunt man.
I took this photo...from left to right Gabe, Sean and Erik.
Sean and Julia and Gabe and I and the kids finally ended up leaving around midnight (everyone else left about 30 mintues to an hour earlier). I think that this was funner then our usual going out to eat at a restaurant routine...maybe next year we will do it again!

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Thelma said...

looks like a great time and it is cool to do something different from doing the "usual" thing.