Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Artificial Tree

We got our first artificial Tree this weekend! Ava was really excited to put up the decorations. This is just a temp tree though until I can get my hands on a vintage aluminum tree complete with color wheel.
Ava was having so much fun and wanted to rule the decorating that she got mad anytime any of us wanted to put up a ornament
She took all the animal character ornaments off and was putting themin the xmas train and other little vehicles and making them drive a cross country trip in the living was funny!
Parker wanted to take pictures of each ornament.
Finally Ava let other put some stuff on the tree.
The tree is pretty much bare right now cause Ava collected all the decorations within her height and they are now hidden throughout the house. I can't wait to see how nice the tree will look once the gifts are under it...which I am waiting til xmas eve to do that or I would be wrapping presents everyday since Ava is all about opening presents.


Thelma said...

Awesome tree! I love it! Aww this year Ava's helping to decorate the tree! That is too cute!

April Rodriguez said...

I love Ava's little dress! What a stylish gal (like her mommy!)

Man, I can't WAIT till I have a little girl. :)

Iris said...

I know it is too much fun having a little girl..I have been so much moeny on clothes for her though and been neglecting my wardrobe..