Thursday, December 23, 2010

Passport renewal long overdue...

Going back a little over a month ago my husband bought me for my birthday our annual Disneyland passports. I had the choice to either go on a wine tasting get away or the Disney Disney Passports it was. Seriously I can NEVER get tired of Disneyland.
Parker however is another story..I don't think he cares for it much...Ava she Looooves it!
It was raining when we went to get them but that did not hold Gabe and I and Ava back from going! Parker was invited to a birthday party/sleepover with one of his best friends so he did not come with us this day.
First thing we did was walk over to CA adventure for a beer and to look around. Look A Gabe Action Figure!
The rain was not too bad...good Parka weather!
We took Ava on a BUNCH of kiddie rides..she had a blast!
After a few rides time to leave CA Adventure and head to Disneyland Park.
Ava looved stepping in the puddles.
Nice big rain bonus to the rain..NO LINES!!
She was in too much AWE from all that surrounded her...oh and Someone needs a hair cut!
She didn't know what to think about this...............
As you can see on her face was her Favorite!
She liked Pirates too!!
and of course the Tiki Room
I love how the castle looks all icy at xmas time...and the moon in the background was a added bonus!
Our last stop was it's a Small world but the line was so insane we decided to come back later and go on it..since we have passports after all..

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Thelma said...

Wow i just love how the castle looks all icy like that too! Disneyland is just so magical. There's just something about it, the music the smells of food and the rides for that matter!