Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The first of the December cocktail parties

This past Saturday after the Belmont Shore Boat Parade we headed to the first of the Holiday cocktail parties we been invited too. It was thrown by our friends Boxer and Julianna. I must say these two can throw a awesome party! Oh and their Mid Century home is to DIE for!!!
They hired a bartender for the evening and had a little sign posted of some reccomended drinks. I had the cranberry vodka martini. He actually crushed cranberries in my martini which was Devine!
A nice spread of stuff to munch on..I really was digging the marinated mushrooms on the weinie astro tree at the end of the table!
Saw LOTS of friends that night.. Ahh my gals Maria and Vickie!
Smoke break
The hired a fire dancer for our entertainment...she did a great job!
No one got hurt or burned!
Josh and Vickie...we are looking forward to their party this Friday!
Guys were djing all night!...Just getting started
Chris and Torino
Um yeah ...we went through a LOT of booze!! Gabe had us taking shots at one point of the evening
And when having lots of shots encourages lots of dancing
I was wioed out and soon people were dropping like flies come round 1am. as you can see from Josh....it was a good time!


Thelma said...

Yeah that party was off the hook! Very nice spread they had too!

Jessie said...

That is a whole lot of alcohol. lol