Monday, December 13, 2010

Belmont Shore Xmas Boat Parade

Ok so time to catch up with my blog.
This past Saturday we were invited to go on our friend Rich's Boat for the annual xmas boat parade through Naples. Every year I used to go and watch the boats with the mass crowds of people in Belmont Shore but this year we finally got to be IN the parade.
Arriving at The marina
The sunset was beautiful as we walked to the slip. Rich's boat neighbor has a pet cat who came up to me before I boarded ..let me say I LOVE that cat..he is all black and just the sweetest thing. I should have taken a picture of him.
I always feel nervous when I walk down here like I am gonna fall in the water ...
Rich's boat Had a ton of lights and snowflakes,candy canes...
And a xmas tree in front.
We were number 3. This little boat behind us was Really fun!!
As we waited for the parade to begin we blasted some Ska, Ate some food, had some champagne and beer , danced and socialized. There was a total of 6 of us on the boat!
There were so many beautiful boats
The line behind us...not too much ahead of us since we were number 3 and up front.
We were dancing in the back of the boat..I had to take a pix of Gabe and Max.
Drinking some champagne and holding on for dear life that I don't fall overboard.
My hair was totally blown the time I went to the other party we were attending that night My hair was a rat's nest.
Cap'n Rich
Rich's Girlfriend Asia
The boats tailing behind us
Hey Max...pass me that Champagne!
So hard to get good photos of the boats with us floating around.
I think this was suppose to be a whale!
There was another parade happening with smaller boats and then one with BIG boats. When we were done parading we sat in the middle of the harbor and watched the rest of parade
It was crazy some people were on dingy's in total darkness...I was so afraid someone was gonna get ran over.
Lots of Palm trees
Gabe and Max decided to sit on the very front of the boat and just chill with some beers
This was the Santa float...he traded in his reindeer for dolphins..
Rich and Asia
Max went back in the boat and I sat up in the front with Gabe
I was making sure my feet were gripping on the started getting cold and damp and slippery .
I had a little roof hatch porthole thing next to me and all of a sudden I just see a bottle of champagne coming through it...Now that's service!
Yeah...I was feeling a little smashed at this point!
OK pulling into the slip now. Time to get back in the boat and get ready to head out to our next was so fun. We are talking about Next year already!