Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve with the McCaffrey's

Christmas Eve we headed over to Gabe's Older sister's Linda's house for dinner.
Gabe has a big family so a lot of the time we don't get to see everyone. There are a lot of kids as well in Gabe's family so every year it is decided to only buy gifts for the kids and then each adult bring a white elephant gift.

I love most though all the cousins playing together.
Kaden ( the second baby of the family..Ava is the baby of the McCaffrey Clan), Savannah, and Natalie
Ava stuck with the younger kids and girls.
Soon to follow were all the bigger boys!
Nick! Nick and Natalie are Gabe's sisters Linda's two children.
Andy, Ron and Florida ( Gabe's brother and Parents)
Gabe's Mom with Gabe's Sister Linda and her husband Anthony and I think the boy is Anthony's nephew.
Time to let the kids open presents..of course after our dinner.
Ava got a Bucket of Dinosaurs (which she loved) from uncle Andy and a New Talking Jesse doll from Toy Story3. Parker got a cool Remote control Police car and a Lego Racer and Steven gave us all Gift certificates for In and Out!
Kaden excited to open presents!
Parker and Uncle Andy
Time to play the White was lots of fun..even some of the kids got to play. We ended up taking home an electric wine opener...AWESOME!!!
It was you can see we had some faders in the crowd!
Ava and Bobbi ( Davina's sister's daughter who was born the next weekend after Ava) were mesmerized by the Choo choo around the tree
They were so cute talking to each other.
Nick and Natalie got to open their home presents at midnight. After they opened theirs and we chatted with the family some more we soon had to excuses ourselves cause we still had a TON of presents to wrap at home. It was a good time. We didn't get to see all of Gabe's family such as his sister Cindy and 3 of his brothers but nonetheless it was good quality family time! and Parker had a blast playing with his cousins Nick,James and Gavin..all 4 boys are only months apart in age so there was as you can imagine lots of rough housing!

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Thelma said...

looks like a great time, especially for the kids. I have the best memories w/my cousins at Christmas time as a lil kid. And what a perfect gift for you guys IN AND OUT!!