Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time To make Xmas Cookies

Last night I baked some sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them...Well They decorated like 5 and I decorated all the rest...................................
I tried to get Parker to do more by telling him however many cookies you decorate are how many you can didn't work
I had a bowl full of vanilla frosting for the cookies..Ava grabbed a quick taste with the spoon
Ava eat the cookie it has frosting on it too!!
Yeah...she eventually ate the cookie of course after she licked all the frosting and sprinkles off the cookie
MOM...must you take so many pictures of me eating cookies??
It's all fun but just for a little while.
After Parker left to go play some more video game...Looks like I better get started doing the rest....Maybe next time I will stick to the gingerbread houses.

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Thelma said...

its so sweet to see them doing Christmas activities! Man I need to do a Gingerbread house w/my niece I'll end up doing it late with her.