Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vegas High Rollers Part 1 Day Thursday

So I am FINALLY going to get along with my Vegas blog that happen a little over a week ago. Gabe and I flew out to Vegas on Jet Blue..I always love flying Jet blue but I am not a good flyer without a drink in hand and unfortunately because the flight is so short I only had water to drink :/
 The landing was great in Vegas and we got there quick. Love the Airport sign on our way to the tram to the baggage claim
 On the Agenda for Thursday was to watch Vickie do a Sky Dive that her husband surprised her with for her Birthday. Here she is getting suited up
 and here she is getting ready to get on the plane..which by the way was a little sketchy. It had some dents and was dirty..Josh was so nervous about how it looked on the outside....Apparently Vickie said it was even worse on the inside all dirty and taped together...I guess that is their way of making you WANT to jump out of the plane.
 Gabe and I and Josh got on the shuttle they provided to take us to the landing zone
                                                                  Self Portrait in the shuttle
 Here they come..this is a TOTAL zoom in. She jumped from 15000Ft
 I would be crapping myself
 and coming into a safe landing
 This was the tip envelope..I thought it was funny what it read..afterwards we headed to a discount liquor store and bought TONS of Booze
Back at the Hotel Vicki, Dana and I all had a Spa appointment. We hit up the steam room, Hot Tub, Lounges and got Massages, Facial and Manicure was So relaxing...Then we got dressed for the evening and headed over to the Plaza for the Meet and Greet                                                                                 
 At the Club Swingers they had Dj's playing a lot of Brit reminded me of my old cafe blue days
 Drew Jumped in front of my camera ...hahahhaa crazy guy
 Dancing fools I tells ya
 Classic drunken Michael Burns face
 and dancing
 The gals and to follow more pictures of friends

 This was my Magnum zoolander face...I didn't do it right....
 And all of us....we danced ALLLL Night Long and Drank Lots..I had such a awesome sleep though..

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Thelma said...

hahaha great pictures of everyone having a great ol' time!