Monday, March 26, 2012

Florida Day One

So five days after I returned home from Vegas is was straight to work to prep for our annual dealer convention for work and every year it is in a new place. This year it was in Hollywood Beach Florida. The whole entire company gets to go and we really look forward to it every year..especially this year cause last year we did not even have a dealer convention so we were all ready!
 As most people know I am NOT a good flyer. Every moment on a plane makes me nervous and for all the times I have flown you would think I would be used to it by now...NOPE. However our flights to Florida and back were booked on Virgin Airlines and I must say...I LOVED IT!
 The only thing to cure my nervousness..some cocktails! Holly and I had quite a few rounds on the plane. We were also watching a funny movie and were just busting up laughing the whole flight there.
 Here we are over the Atlantic Ocean coming in for a landing
 Our new CUTE friend Azul who sat next to me on the plane and my drunk face all giddy about the cute guy! He bought us a round of drinks and Holly bought him one..we were having a great time chatting with him and cracking jokes with him on the plane.  I just wish I was wearing some make up damn it.
 Once we got off the plane we hailed a taxi to take us to our hotel which was AMAZING! This is a piece of the lobby. Holly and I were hoping not to see anyone from work yet since we had a pretty nice buzz going on but who happened to be the first one we see...Our Boss. He was fine though and it was our day off after all.
 The first night Holly and I shared a room together. The rooms were pretty nice. They had these huge deep set jacuzzi tubs that had doors that open to the bedroom so you could lounge back in the tub to watch TV. The best part was our view. We were on the 27th floor...check out the pool
 The lights would change color. After we got to our room our tech guys in our department all headed to our room and hung out with us there while Holly and I got ready to go out for some mingling and drinks.
 We crossed the way over the bridge to this landing area by the marina and met up with a bunch of other co workers..the party was on..
 My first drink was a Pom and Lychee was so tasty..I had a few of those, then the shots started pouring in...
 and some other cocktails...finally we all ended up closing the bar with fellow co workers and dealership owners..a few of us went back to our room where we had a night cap and WAY to many laughs and room service! Then it was off to bed.
 Our view the next morning..STUNNING!!
 After our showers and getting ready we had to register and get our work shirts and badges at the is my badge
 Then we stopped at the Starbucks inside the hotel and got some breakfast..Just a bagel and coffee for me.
 Then it was to our work area where Holly and I did IT stuff teaching our dealers how to work our service sites and warranty program.
 This is our co worker from the NY office Miguel..he always has us cracking up.
 My view from my work space...I so wish I was out there instead of stuck Inside
we basically worked all day then we had 1 hour to change into something nice and head over to the open bar reception and then into the ballroom for the dinner.
 Inside we sat down at our dinner table with our Cosmo's and the president did a speech and then invited up the directors to do the unveiling of this years new model of bikes we are bringing in. They also had some opera singers come in and sing for everyone.
the night concluded with all the staff walking over across the street again to the bar. I had one drink and met with some of the Italian colleagues and mingled with the co workers from our Corporate office in New York whom I only see Once maybe twice a year but talk to on the phone every day.
So far was  a Great start for a another couple of fun days in Florida!

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