Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Main Event..Florida

Monday was our main day at the Piaggio Dealer Convention. I started with breakfast in one of the ballrooms and talked with some fellow colleagues as well as some of our dealers. Afterwards it was straight to work from 11-4.

 After I believe breakfast a group of us gals took a picture of how beautiful of a day it was. It was super windy but it was a warm breeze.
 Migena, Alma, Priscilla, TJ, ME, and Holly
 Look how beautiful!! Too bad we were stuck inside pretty much all day but we still got some sunlight. After the work day we had about 2 hours to dress up and head over to the Main Ballroom for the big presentation.
 We were so excited to have Roberto Collanino join us for the meeting. He is the MAIN Piaggio CEO of the world..The factory in Italy..he IS the TOP GUY!
 They had some Italian American actress as the host..I never heard of her..I don't even remember her name but she was AWFUL!
 They presented some Prototypes...this is the Vespa ...cute huh!
 They even brought up Max Biaggi who is like a world Superbike champion! He races our Aprilia..and also Eugene Laverty ..who is also a Aprilia racer.
 Doing a little interview
 Talking about the Prototypes
 They gave awards to out best dealers. They were crystal Tiffany and co plaques.
the Vespa
 The Moto Guzzi California
 I love this bike
Aprilia  RSV4
 The Aprilia Caponord
 Afterward the presentation it was off to the dinner Gala. Of course open bar for the first hour..I got some Cosmos and found a table
 For Dinner Filet Mignon with carrot and asparagus with a fancy little potato..can you believe that this plate was over 100.00 per person I heard. It was so good..you could cut the steak with a butter knife. Did not seem like it would fill you up but it did for me..I ate every last bite!
 Then Dessert was this dark chocolate covered cheesecake..Delicious but it was too rich for me. I had 2 bites and was done!
A picture of us when we were having our salads..i stole this from one of the girls from NY.  After dinner it was off to the main bar where we drank with everyone ALL NIGHT LONG! We were allowed to cut loose since we did not have to work the next day and BOY did we. What a FUN NIGHT! I didn't do any pictures cause I didn't want to walk around with anything..not even my phone. A few of our co workers took a cab to Miami to party the night away but I just stayed local with a bunch of the dealers and more co workers..I wish there was more hours in the day so I could have went there as well.

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Thelma said...

Awesome! Man Piaggio takes care of you guys!