Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cool waters,Chandeliers and a All Nighter

So Saturday it was time to start the morning with a HOT TUB PARTY!! This time everyone joined in the fun. We spent almost the whole morning to early day there. It was a BLAST!

 Cocktails, friends and Hot Tub = Best Time EVER
 Then it was off to the pool for some water slides
 and hanging by the shark Tank
Once everyone got out of the pool and went for lunch it was soon time to get ready to go out. One of our big plans was to check out the Chandelier Bar at The cosmopolitian!
 We took two separate cars and off we went to the Strip. The Cosmo is Really cool
 The Chandelier bar is a 3 story Chandelier and every level has different specialty cocktails
 So pretty
 I think we went to the second level...right in the middle
 Love the dim lighting.
 The guys ran into this guy from Pawn Stars in one of the shops
 Now everyone jump in!
 I had this drink called the Misty Rose. It was so Delish. It smelled like a rose and even tasted like a sweet candied rose.
 hahaha Had to take a photo of the guys cause they allhad targets on their shirts..too funny
 Outside in the Cosmo Lobby was this HUGE heel...ofcourse I had to dive right in.
 Once we got to our hotel room, hung out, had some more drinks it was off to the all nighter. They had a band there doing some soul...I forget the name..they were OK.
 Maria and Greg
 everyone was dancing the night away.
 We were lucky to get a booth right in front of the dance floor
 a lot of people hung out outside the ballroom cause the drinks were cheaper..and everyone was kind of tired of the long run of reggae they kept insisting on playing throughout the evening.
 Justin busting out his northern Soul moves
 Giselle and Justin
 Guys hanging outside in the casino bar
The girls..My last photo before I called it a night. It was 4am and I was spent.

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Thelma said...

you guys make Vegas look the way it should FABULOUS!