Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Capos and Dancing- Vegas Friday Night

Friday night we all had dinner reservation for a restaurant called CAPO's. It is a speak easy Italian Mob style restaurant complete with secret door to entrance.

It is so dim inside there that they actually have mini flashlights attached to the menu's so you can read your menu. This is with out the flash and me reading my menu
With flash!
We had a party of 16 I believe. The inside was so cool. Very old school Italian style.
Sade and Hiram sat across from Gabe and I.
everyone chatting away with cocktails, salads and apps while a lounge singer sang some classic favorites from artist such as Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones
The food service was spaced out so well that it gave a very proper dining experience
We ordered the Meatball Ap..OMG...best meatballs I ever had!
Table getting cleared for Main course to come out
This was Sade's Clams and Linguine..I had a Vodka Pink sauce Pasta dish..It was Superb!
after we finished our meals and cocktails it was time to head on out..but first a quick stop at the bar to close our tabs.
We had to take 3 taxi's for all of us to get back to downtown. All us girls jumped in one taxi and all the guys jumped in another one. Apparently the two cab drivers did not like each other so it was a race all the way back to the hotel with each of the cabbies talking crap about each other. It was pretty entertaining to say the least.
Back at the hotel we all went to our room for some cocktails and then loaded our glasses up to take on to the walk over to the nights events in downtown. We all crammed into the elevator.
I took this shot of all of us in the elevator from the mirrored ceiling.
The Modern Rat Pack!
 these are just photos of some of the faces we seen at the dance


 Gabe posing on the Jimmy Bike

 It started getting late so it was time to walk on back to the hotel
 Silver Slipper
 All of us walking back to the Fremont experience to go back to our hotel..Yep ..it was a drunken blurr
 Some Neon along the way
 There was LOTS of people on the streets and clubs going on
 crossing the street...boy were we a bunch of loud folks
 Josh tackling Dr. Bob
 YAY the Golden Nugget ..our home away from home for the weekend
 Cowboy Dan ..I think that is what his name is right??
                                                         The Glitter Gulch is ALWAYS a long running joke every time we go to downtown.
everyone went and gambled for a little while but Gabe and I were so tired we just went back to the room and went to bed. It was a very nice sleep!                                  


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Aweee I see the good smelling guy, Mike =)

Thelma said...

looks like such a great time!