Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Tubs and Neon.. Vegas Friday DAY

Friday in Vegas Gabe and I started our morning with bloody Mary's in the hot tub..We tried to start every morning in the hot tub on Vacation!

 Drew came by to visit with us and so did Michael Burns. The water bottle was filled with Gabe's very strong! bloody Mary
 Drew hanging poolside with us
 Gabe and his 2nd Bloody Mary. We only stayed in the hot tub for about an hour until it was time to get ready and meet the rest of our friends for our Tour of the Neon Boneyard that we booked a month in advanced!
 This is the Sign. It was Made by a bunch of pieces from other hotels. Such as the diamonds were from the Stardust, The N from the Golden Nugget, The E from Ceasars, The O from Binions and the other N...hmmm I forgot actually ..grr...What is Cool is the Checkboard backing...WHICH came from The Sands...You know..the one with the Infamous Rat Pack Standing in front of it!
                                                                           This one here                                                                                          
 anyways Here are just a bunch of shots of just a few of the many iconic pieces of Neon from Old Las Vegas...

 This sign is the Oldest!

 OH and remember La Concha!! It is also safely being kept at the Neon Boneyard as well
I think it is just lovely that the save a lot of these old signs..Some they own and others are owned but stored there at their site. We learned SO was such a treat touring this site!
Afterwards it was time to go back to our room for lots relaxing and in room cocktails then getting ready for our very MOBBY Dinner!

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Thelma said...

great way of starting off your day with a dip in a hot tub!