Friday, March 23, 2012

A sunday Ride...Leaving Las Vegas

By the time Sunday has come around I am pretty much spent. I'm all dried up by this time from the dry weather, not to mention I feel like I can not even get drunk anymore from all the drinking I been doing, and because of all the smoke EVERYWHERE you go I felt like I smoked 10 packs on cigarettes. Add 4-5 hours sleep every night and constantly on the go to try and squeeze everything we could in 5 days..I was so ready to just have a relaxing Sunday and we pretty much did.

 We decided that it was a MUST to go for a ride on the scooters since it IS a Scooter rally after all for the morning's meet up spot was a Classic Vegas Bar called Dino's...Dino's was pretty old school looking but it looks like a once classy spot to have a martini is now a total Dive for the local bikers
 I mean Come on Man...they have a Beer Pong Table!!
Inside we ordered WATERS!
 The ride took off and left and a small group of us decided we wanted to eat so we hung outside a little to wait for the others
 Gabe hanging out
 we all decided to head to the peppermill but took a nice short little ride...Close up of the Sahara which is Now closed
 always lots of traffic on the strip
 On the bike
 Yeah Peppermill!
 I HAD to get the bloody Mary
 Giselle had a pretty tasty looking Pina Colada. after we ate we headed to the hotel to drop Giselle off cause she was leaving that day. After that we headed over to the Scooter Gymkhana and raffle.
 it was good to see Ryan..I think the only time I ever see him is at the Vegas scooter rally.
 Gabe and Albert
 The awards...I think they were pretty cool. I love the old tattered up award for best rat bike.
 Just some Gymkhana pictures below

 Gabe and Drew
 Kev and a Blow Up seems like I always see a blow up doll at a rally
 Guillermo and The JIMMY bike
 Vickie and I enjoying some stiff Cosmo's
 Rico won best Mulligan. Josh ended up winning the Scooter they raffled off..too bad it was a crappy twist and go Kymco
 Afterwards a bunch of us went roaming around downtown ...we had to take a photo of the million dollars!
 Guillermo and one TALL ASS SPOCK
 Drew and the Smokey and the bandit guys
 Gabe...after dinner we went and hung out by the hot tubs for awhile til like 3am in the morning and then it was off to bed
 Gabe and I got up early and packed up and headed to the shuttle to go back home to long beach
Back at home...I love flying into Long is so simple we were home in less than two hours of just being in Vegas.
It was a really fun rally..really one of the best times I had. The only thing I am really bummed about is I never did get to go on the zip line like I had planned. Oh well..there is always next year and YES I will be there!

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Thelma said...

hahahaa! Dinos looks cool, the signs crack me up!