Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saturday at the Campground

We got up pretty early Saturday morning. Nothing like a million birds squawking in the tree above us and the sun shinning bright right through your tent to get you going.

 Once we got showers the kids were fast to get out and play
 While us adults made breakfast. We had eggs, Bacon and Pancakes
 Some of the scenery...
 Around the lunch hour we caravan to Julian to have a lunch and view some stores
 Reminds me of Los Olivos in Santa Ynez
 We stopped here at Buffalo Bills for lunch
 Gabe was sitting with the kids telling knock knock jokes
 After lunch we walked around
 We found some old record store...Parker found this HUGE dandelion!
 Inside the record store was this WELL...it freaked me out...i told Gabe do NOT let go of Ava's hand. This well is 50 ft deep.
 We also stopped while in town and did some wine tasting!
 Love how you can get your pie right at the window
 Once we got back to camp I made a HUGE dispenser full of Sangria. All the guys sat around drinking Beers and Sangria and Hard Cider playing Horseshoes while us moms indulged in Sangria...lots and lots of Sangria! The kids Indulged in Smore's!
 Once we were all nice and relaxed and it started to cool down we all headed for a hike
The trail was all uphill...Our destination was to go to the top where you could see the ocean
 Vicki Parker and Evie!
 We came across this fallen tree on the path that you had to climb through..
 Gabe Carried Ava through it
 Rugged terrain
 Glad they had maps along the way!
 These dead trees were everywhere...guess there was a fire some time ago here
 More up hill action!
 and More burned trees

 We stopped at a flat top and waited for the rest of the group. Ava and Evie found a couple boulders to take a break on.
 Gabe and Parker
 We found another HUGE Dandelion along the way..Ava and Evie were both trying to blow it...it was big enough for two wishes! Ava could not keep a clean face all weekend!
 Mary with Memo and Alli and Hilarie even hiked with little 2 month old London and Jesse had Alex in the backpack.
 After we sat around for awhile it was getting close to dusk so we headed back to the camp site

Once we got back to the campsite we settled back in to our areas and made our dinners for the evening than once all the little ones were asleep in the tents we all gathered our chairs together and sat around a fire and talked about all kinds of things..later as the evening grew darker so did the stories...muahahahahaa

One thing that was really cool was they had a astronomy group there with all their telescopes so Gabe and Parker went to look through them..they got to see Saturn and a bunch of other cool stars and moons!

I had a pretty great night sleep.

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Thelma said...

Julian looks like a nice town! Wine tasting too? Nice!
Kiddies were all smiles!