Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ballerina in the Making!

Yesterday was Try Outs for Ava's Ballet classes. I am starting her off in the summer one day a week for 8 weeks courses...depending how she does and if she really gets the hang of it I will enroll her into the full on 2-3 times a week classes.
 She was REALLY excited to see all the other little girls her age in their ballerina outfits as well. I think Ava was one of the youngest ones there.
 They did floor exercises first
 Than it was to the bars...All the parents had to sit in the seats behind the glass windows of the dance room so a lot of my pictures have reflections of other moms in the window taking pictures of their little girls as well.
 I believe it was a first time for ballet for most of the girls in this class...all the moms were laughing and excited to see the girls dancing and following instructions
 Love this picture!!
 I could not hear what music they were playing ..pretty thick walls between us and them
 When you could hear it it sounded like all the princess songs from Disney
 Ava was probably one of the girls that could not grasp following directions all that well at first but I did see she was not the only one..a lot of the little girls would get distracted or even leave the room
 Looking at these pictures though you would think she got the hang of it pretty good...I had to hide and not let her see me to really get into are some more pix...

 Watching the teachers assistant do some moves....
 Now to follow the teacher and do what she is doing...
 I cannot BELIEVE she was doing it!!!
 I have to say though...they are pretty strict here..I guess it is that way in dance
 This was a pretty big class..Like 20 girls

 They stopped at the half hour mark to give the girls a water break
 Than it was back for more dancing. They really got A Lot out of the hour. This was the final move ..she had to do a dance across the room with the teacher and at the end she got a hand stamp.
After class once we started to leave Ava than proceeded to tell me...Okay...Let's go to swimming school. I am thinking I am going to have to put her back into swimming class as well.

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Thelma said...

that is so funny how the mom's reflections came out!!
Ava looks like a little doll in her ballerina outfit. I'm sure she'll do just fine!