Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth of July

We had a very mellow 4th. We were invited to a few parties but my family came over to the house instead. I was not very festive since I did not want to drink since I had to be at work the next day. However as usual the neighborhood was full of parties and celebrations. All the neighbors had their ez ups, tables, chairs, BBQ's water slides, jump houses, snow cone machines, Jello name it out to share with everyone.  I mainly just stayed in the house with my brother and parents and watched the Twilight zone marathon and made some food

 Gabe was venturing out and mingling and drinking with all the neighbors. He went and took Ava to the Bounce House that the neighbor rented
 Parker played at another neighbors house who had the annual BIG GIANT Blow up water slide...he played on that pretty much ALL DAY
 Ava wanted to go on it too so she put on her swimsuit and Parker took her down with him on the slide and than she wanted to go on her own which the slide Launched her pretty good into the pool....after that she was ok Towel let's go home.

                                                       I was trying to the animals calm cause there was a lot of m80's and bottle bombs going off in the neighborhood. NAP TIME                                
 We BBQ's in the front. MMM I love corn!
 My brother hammering the ends of the piccolo Pete's so they end in a boom!! That they did.
 All the neighbors were going crazy lighting fireworks ...Ava was Terrified! She would not even come to the window to look out at the fireworks. So weird cause last year she was not that frightened.
 It is so hard to get a good firework photo...

Parker was having a great time outside hanging with the other kids and watching fireworks...I think he and Gabe both had a lot of fun partying with the block. Just wish I didn't have to work the next day so I could have celebrated a little more...maybe next year I will take my vacation around than.

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