Friday, July 27, 2012

I did it....

Well ...I finally did it....I joined a Gym. They had a really great offer going on so I had to take advantage. I signed Ava up too for their kid care so she can come with  when I go. My brother who now lives close by goes to this gym and got me to sign up so we can go together. This is a really small gym but always packed and has nice equipment and is CLOSE BY! They are currently building a HUGE new 24 Hour Fitness even closer to me which I am going to join once it is up and running but in the meantime I will do my workouts here. My health insurance also has a program that they will pay my gym monthly fees up to 25.00!

 I did a good hour work out yesterday and I been counting calories like crazy the past couple weeks. I used to smoke every once in awhile but I am officially stopped since I am on my road to fit PLUS I want am doing the zombie run in October with some friends that I cannot flake out on!

I been working out at home but I get lazy and tend not to push myself as hard. Yesterday I had a GREAT workout and it beat me down just a little...I am not sore today but I know tomorrow I will be feeling it. I also spoke with a trainer there who gave me some advice and I am really considering doing the 8 week personal trainer program. He said he can get me to lose 20 lbs in 70 days. However I may fall out with the high intense 25 minute workout but he said in that 25 minutes twice a week I will burn 1000 calories each time...that is of course I don't DIE right there on the spot.
Anyway...I am looking forward to spending my time after work at the gym and my weekend Mornings there as well.  Wish me luck!

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