Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burgers and Ballet

Monday night Gabe and I took the kids to Fuddrukers for dinner. I forgot how awesome the burgers are here.
 We had a coupon for a Dinner for 2 adults and two children for 20.00! Of course we used that!
 Ava...she loved it there...Parker played video games and kept refilling his drink with the awesome soda machine they had there. It was all digital and there was a TON of different choices!
 I wanted to sit in the Beatles booth  but someone was already we sat in the Elvis booth.
 Tuesday was Ava's second lesson. There are 16 children in Ava's 6pm class with her so they have 3 instructors that help.
 I love that most of the girls in Ava's class are the same age as her.
 Ava is the only one that was not wearing her tights. It just seems to hot to put them on in my opinion.

 They did some work in front of the mirror.

 I was cracking up cause when they had all the girls sit down by the walled mirror Ava just sat there making faces in the mirror of course when all the other girls were paying attention to the instructor. She would squish her face up. than stick out her tongue, then pull her eyelids down, then open her mouth wide, than give a mean look in the was so funny.

 FINALLY she started to pay attention
Next week they start doing Tap...better get her tap shoes this weekend!!

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Thelma said...

I havent been to a Fuddruckers in ages!! Good deal!
Ava is too funny! She looks adorable!