Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palm Springs Pool Fun

This past weekend we went with the Rebollo family down to Palm Springs for a nice little family getaway.
 Friday morning they arrived to our place and we all caravan over to the vacation home we were going to be staying at for the next 3 days! Ava was loving the big Windmills...she thought they were so funny and just laughed and pointed at them.

It was so was close to 110. We could not WAIT to get to the house and jump in the pool. In the gated community as we were driving up to the house we saw a road runner dart by. I immediately had this obsession with the road runner all weekend!
 We got in the house and it was almost just as hot in the house as it was outside. I guess the AC had broke. We got a repair guy in right away to fix it. In the meantime we put our luggage to our rooms and filled up the fridge with our food made some cocktails and went right to the pool while the house cooled off. Roland had a PA system and had some tunes going on in the back.  There was a table and chairs built into the pool and this very awesome trickling Hot tub. It was such a Beautiful salt water pool. My skin had a real treat  the whole weekend. The water felt soft and conditioned and there was no damaging chlorine.
 Ava had a blast floating around.
 Parker had a blast too
 The pool was cool yet warmer than usual

 So refreshing
 We sat back and drank some more
 We also had a deck of water cards and played around with those. We sat in the pool seriously ALL DAY. It was so hot I had to put my camera away before it would melt in the sun.  I had gotten out later in the evening and prepared enchiladas for dinner for everyone with some cheesy corn casserole stuff. Gabe ended up waking up in the morning and eating all the leftovers. Roland has some projection equipment so we sat in the pool at night , ate at the table and watched a movie. We went to bed I think around Midnight.
 We slept in as late as we could. The ac was working great now so it was nice and cool. Gabe got up to go grab Ava's toys in the car and told me that the Road Runner was hanging outside...I of course had to jump outta bed and go try and grab a picture of him...I got him standing across the street and then with a flash he was gone...I discovered somehow he got on the rooftops and just saw him booking it away.
 We started the morning off with Mimosa's and a big breakfast and then seriously drank ALL DAY in the pool. We had crackers and Cheese at the table, played some cards, Lounged on the rafts with our big slushy cups filled with a cocktail Jen made. We made it in the house for a little bit and crashed out for a nice afternoon nap. Gabe and the kids were still up playing scrabble in the house. Once I got up it was time for more drinking and pool time. (this picture is actually from Sunday...but it looked pretty much just like this)
 Roland prepared a Nice Taco feast. We had chicken,carne asada,salmon skewers, rice, salad, corn..etc..
 After dinner we did some Lin chee Moi (spelling??) Shots.  Jen had froze up some Ice Molded Shot glasses. We filled it up with some nice vodka and then had these limes to bite into that had this Japanese powder stuff called lin chee Moi Sounds like ( linky moy). The powder is savory yet was delicious. Roland , Jen Gabe and I did a couple of these shots ..but quickly since the vodka makes the ice melt fast! The kids their treat was cake for dessert!
 Gabe and I opened a bottle of wine and sat in the hot tub sipping on it and then Roland set up another movie for us all to watch. It is SO nice having a table and chairs built into your pool! While we sat and watched a movie with the kids  Jen and her friend Thompson were in the kitchen prepping for a very special breakfast. Her friend Thompson was making French Toast Souffle! I guess it needs to sit over night before being cooked. After the movie I could barely keep my eyes open anymore so off to bed we all went.
 The next morning we all slept in again ) I mean that is what vacation is all about right ...some good ol R&R) We got up and Jen's friend Thompson was coming over again with his two god sons and we all sat and had french toast souffle and more mimosa's! After breakfast and some clean up time  it was back outside with the music and the pool.
 When I went to the room to change into my bathing suit I peeked out my window to see if my road runners were out...Well Yes they were so Off outside I went chasing them like Wyle E Coyote to get a photo of them...they are fast little devils!
 I could only get my picture from a distance but look how cute he is!
 Anyway ...Back to the pool we all went. We still had a bottle of Jamerson to kill so Gabe , myself, Roland and Jennifer killed the whole bottle just by doing shots. Anyway the pool was packed with kids. Jen and Roland have two children Aria 10 and Liam 4, my two kids 3 and 11, and than Thompsons 2 boys which were about 9 or 10 and then Gabe's sister Cindy came down and brought her two 11 and 14. It was very festive out that's for sure. Anyway here are some fun pool photos and the fun water war that was going on.

 Gabe and his sister Cindy
 I guess the sun was in Parker's eyes.

 When we finally got out of the pool we got all packed up to head home. It seems like we had the option to stay another night but I had to get to work. We left around 6 or 7 because we were trying to wait til it was cooler out before the long drive.
I wanted to stop and let Ava see the Dinosaurs as well. To bad we did not get to see them in the day.
Well the trip went by way to quickly and we all came back with a nice tan!


Thelma said...

Looks like it was a fabulous trip! Super luxurious setting! Thank goodness the AC got to work. That road runner is so dang cute!

Jessie said...

Looks very relaxing!!! I love the first photo with the windmills. Very pretty.