Monday, September 20, 2010

My how she's grown!

Today my friend ally sent me some Photo's she took of Ava's 1st Birthday...

I cannot believe how much she has grown!!
On her Birthday we let her have her first cake all to herself. She was looking at it like what in the heck is this??
She felt it a little
Once she got the taste for it ..that little cake was history!
She was taking huge fistfuls of it and just eating as much as she could
A few days later we celebrated her birthday at the park. Got some great shots of opening presents...she did pretty good
The clothes she just moved to the side.
Some of the bigger cousins helped her out a little
She really enjoyed all the toys though...
I mean REALLY enjoyed the toys!
Ava's friend Evie with mama Vickie and Papa Josh
She had so much fun playing.
Ally made some really tasty cupcakes for the party...cupcakes are so much easier
It was a busy day for time to relax with Grandpa.
Thanks Ally for the pictures! My how time flys!


Ally said...

I was thinking the same thing as I went through these's only been a year since these were taken!!! Birthday, No. 2, Holly's 4th of July (2009), my bday (2009), and much more still to come!

Thelma said...

aww she was so little! it's amazing how fast they grow.