Thursday, September 9, 2010

Civil War Days

On Sunday during Labor day weekend instead of battling our backyard after party mess we decided to go with my brother and his gf and my mom and dad to the Civil War days at a park in Huntington Beach.
We walked in and everyone was dressed in their garb of that era. There was a band playing
and watching the performance we saw Mr. President Lincoln! He gave Gabe and Parker a special penny after they took a photo with him.
There was all kinds of little boys running around with the guns and civil war hats so we bought Parker those too for the day.
We wanted to get a good spot to watch the battle but first not without looking around
We saw a bunch of little boys preparing for the battle...they told Parker to step in line!
Parker got to learn a lot of things from them such as loading his gun, and marching and about face plus tons of other things.
He was doing a really good job at paying attention.
After he was dismiss with the rest of the boys we walked to meet up with my family at the battlefield but took the scenic route.
Then Parker wanted to explore in the woods.
Ava loved trying to climb on the canons which were used in the battle.
we got some lemonade and roasted corn on the cob and went to sit down and the battle began.
It was really loud! They had the fife player and drummers marching through the battle....Imagine....being in a war and your the guy playing the drums....or fife
The southerners...They lost this battle
It was really amazing to watch
Lots of wounded and dead
More and more were defeated
After the battle was over there was a moment of silence while a trumpeter played TAPS in memorial to those that died. Afterwards the crowd bursted with a very generous round of applause for all the re en actors. It was quite the experience that we all felt privileged to watch. What a great time!

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Thelma said...

thats neat! I've been to that park, it's cool!