Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School

This past Wednesday Parker started school.
It must have been a little scary to go to a new school where he knows NO ONE.
At his other school he knew almost all the kids in school and his classmates were mates of his since kindergarten.

It is pretty wild that all these school years in Long Beach he had to wear a uniform...this new school district do not do uniforms.
Parker likes it though cause now he can dress with his own style!.
We put in a transfer form though for him to go to a different school then his home school.

we did it for a few reasons. First of all his class has 33 students...way more then his old class of 20. also the other school we want to take him to has a better reputation and higher grade scores.
So far he has really enjoyed school and has made some friends already.

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