Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday 1...Sofia 1st!

I have been lagging really bad on blogs lately so I am going to start keeping up....but to keep up I have to get caught up.
A couple weekends ago Gabe and I had two birthday parties to go too and we made a whole day of two parties and a club later in the evening which i was blown away that I even had the energy to do.
The first party was little Sofia Agrusa's party. When we arrived her music teacher was just starting a circle with all the babies and parents for a little group session of song and dance.
Ava had fun participating!
Everyone did!
After the class session all the kids were up and at it. Ava saw all the party hats on the table and had to have one put on. The whole time she had t on she had to keep checking that her hat was still on her head.
Soon it was time for the birthday princess to have her first birthday cake!
She seemed a little unsure.
She picked at it with such grace and poise. A few of the bigger kids though came to help!
we sat around with friends and had a little wine and food and chatted.
while we all socialized and talked about fun upcoming plans we all need to work on
The kids all played...
Evie and Ava were having a blast together.
We had to get going cause we had another birthday party to run too so we gave Sofia her present and let her open it up. She seemed to like it!
We had such a nice time at this party and got to see alot of good friends.

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