Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Amazing Sofie's Birthday

 This past Saturday we celebrated the Amazing Sofie's first Birthday. 
Her celebration was a TRUE celebration of life..her life. Sofie when she was a much smaller infant had a very traumatizing seizure that lead to the discovery that she would need a very serious brain surgery which the chances of survival or no neurological problems were slim. With lots of people pulling together for her and her parents right by her side along the way she was stead fast at becoming a real Miracle. She recovered very well and is continuing to become stronger everyday. We are very thankful she is still here with us and is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.

The theme was circus and what a performance my cousin Amber did creating this experience. It may have to be in one of the most beautifully decorated and well thought out parties I have ever been to! Of course it would though my cousin is a very talented arteest!!
Ah ..perfect start to how pretty much the rest of the Junk food frenzy began. First thing you see when you walk into this incredible circus was the Candy table. Ava must have felt like she just walked in the Willy Wonka factory! Rock candy pop was the first thing to touch her lips.
It is very hard for me as well to resist the sweet sweet call of a scrumptious cupcake beckoning me with that come hither aroma of creamy fluffy cake and rich whipped frosting..mmmmm. So floated over to the cupcake stand I did...right pass the old soda table. There was lots of treats, candy, cupcakes, snow cones and popcorn! As well as great food veggie and beef burgers, hot dogs with all the fixin's and AMAZING pasta salad (which I should have took some home) and fresh fruit.

Everyone enjoying all the delicious fare and drinking beers and Blue Hawaiians. It was nice having so much for the kids to do that the grown ups could actually have some nice convo time.
There was LOTS of stuff for the kids to enjoy. There was a ticket booth at that party and the kids could go to the booth and act like they are buying tickets and use their tickets for all the fun activities such as Face painting

The Photo Op stop and Games too!
Giselle and I thought it was a must we take a photo in this...Is it very VERY strange that I totally look like my dad in this??
I just LOVE the pinwheels in the background that were placed about the party! I took a couple home to hangin Ava's room!!

And good ol Uncle Michael Burns making Balloon Animals for everyone! It was actually quite hysterical and I don't think he even made this dog one..I think Giselle did it for him.

and we simply can not forget about the pony...Oh the pony..Ava loved it!!
Birthday girl!! Time to sing Happy Birthday
Red Velvet cake..Gabe said it was Delicious..I didn't have any ...I got my calories from wine that day.
She tasted it and Shared it and luckily did not get too dirty.

What a fun birthday. Happy Birthday Sofie and may you have a long lifetime full of them!

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