Friday, June 21, 2013

October 2013 all rolle dup in one

Getting back to catching up from where I left are some fun things we did in October 2012
We did our annual Knott's Halloween Haunt trip with the Usual gang that we do every year. We always start off by having a drink in the hotel rooms
Than we head out to Amber waves and enjoy the spooky decor and have Halloween themed cocktails and apps. This particular drink had my brother Gasp
See the ingredients.....Afterwards we headed back to the room for drinks and music
Than into the Park for more fun and drinking and getting scared
Somehow towards the end of the night we all got split up..Gabe, Myself, and Toni and my bro luckily were all together and pretty intoxicated that we thought it would be a FANTASTIC idea to ride on bigfoot rapids like 8 times in a row...we were drenched!
This was my dry side
End of the night and ready for bed
We did a lot of trips to Disneyland in October as well with the kids..they had a blast with this halloween shindig

Candy corn Cotton candy..YUM
We went to a few parties such as this fun Kids Pumpkin Carving party

We got a new member to the family...Our show cat CASH..he is purebred Bengal. I took him in as a rescue.
Ava helped me back Heep loads of cupcakes and other goodies for the neighborhood kids
and we ate lots of treats too!!
Thelma came with me to the Queen Mary Haunt since I get free tickets from my brother every year when he works there scaring people.
Maria and Greg hosted a fun evening with treats and cocktails such as this ghoulish poison apple punch and than we all headed to the Haunted Hayride
And more trips to Disneyland to see the Franken weenie exhibit
Always a blast at Disneyland
Parker wanted to be a DARK evil guy thing..My brother helped throw this together...I thought it came out pretty well for a home made costume
and of course after a Million different costumes Ava has been wearing all month long here was her real one hand made by me! A little red devil!!
The kids had a battle, and when the first toddler came over to trick or treat Ava was EXCITED to hand out candy. We finally headed out trick o treating and met up with our old neighbor Dolcy and her two boys and trick o treated the night away.
It was a pretty GREAT October!

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