Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ian turns 8...where does the time go??

So a couple of weeks ago the kids were invited to Ian's 8 year Angry Birds Party. Now Ian is a little boy who lived upstairs from us at our old apartment on Coronado in Long Beach. We watched him grow from Birth which really does not seem that long ago. Parker grew up with Ian's big brother Alec who is only 6 months younger than Parker. It is so great that we still keep contact with them.

 Ian having Happy Birthday sung to him
 Dolcy did not have a number 8 candle but being the school teacher she is figured hey 6 + 2 is 8...that'll do just fine.
 Blowing out the candles...Ava seems to be in a daze..
 Parker and Alec basically were just laid up in the house playing video games..had no interest in the kids party going on downstairs. Ava made some friends and played in the Bounce house all afternoon.
 It was nice to tire them out
 Pinata Time!!
 Ava not tooo sure about this...
Lots of candy for everyone!! Afterwards was time for presents...Ian loves his Custom rapid fire Nerf Gun we got him.

I hope Ian has many more wonderful birthday parties!! Happy Birthday Kiddo!

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