Monday, June 24, 2013

Girls gone Wine Tasting

Every year a I like to get a group of gals together and organize a fun trip to Solvang every year for wine tasting. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. First time it was 2 girls, than 3 than 5 this time it was 9! I must say as well...thee funnest group of gals!!
We all decided to meet up at noon at the Solvang visitors center which ended up meeting at Lucas & Lewellen in the members section of the tasting room. We all immediately started wine tasting and chatting. Kara and Karen surprised all of us girls with a very fun girls gone Wine tasting goodie bags. The bags contained all the wine tasting necessities such as a bottled water, advil, a hand folding fan, wine glass with charm, wine off spray, chocolate and other fun tidbits! We were all so surprised and excited we got hushed by the pourer. We left afterwards and checked in the room , dropped off our luggage and all caravan to Los Olivo's and had Lunch and tasted there.
Afterwards we headed back to Solvang and walked around to various tasting rooms and than back to the hotel for some Hot Tubing and More wine drinking. By nightfall we were all wined out and headed for real cocktails..the night went long but it was full of fun!
 This is the second day we were there. I did not take any pictures of the first night cause I was just having too much fun. Here we all are before heading out to breakfast  after drinking Mimosa's and Wine in the room. From left to right Robin,Maria,Loryn,Karen,Kara,Mary,Vicki,Me,Jennifer
  Girls Gossiping...hahaha NEVER
 Everywhere we went everyone always asked what the occasion was..and there was some goods ones, such as all girl punk rock band! At breakfast once again we were asked what the occasion was and Kara quickly replies it's Karens 27th birthday!!! ( which really wasn't) and after our meal and after we all forgot about the whole it's Karen's 27th birthday..the staff comes in signing Happy Birthday with brownie and all which we were more than delighted to jump in and sing was pretty hysterical!!
 After breakfast Kara and Karen headed back home and the rest of us gals headed to make two more wine tasting spots before going home. Jen is a member at Presidio in Solvang so we had to go there to take advantage of the free tastings. Everything I had there was really good. I mean almost everyone signed up to the club that day. We than went over to Lincourt ( pictured above) What a lovely place.
 We got our tastings in the Barrel room and every thing was so delicious that we tried. Robin ended up joining!! Afterwards we relaxed on the grounds and took Photos. I love this one of Jen just hanging out on the wine barrels.

 The Grass was so nice and cool and relaxing
 So was the cement pathway
 Playing in the vineyards!
 Before we hit the road we decided to go eat ..and did a little hanging out with Jason Segal!!
And as us fun group of gals headed back home..The sky shed a tear..until next time I bid you adieu

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Thelma said...

looks like a blast! there was a lot of girls!! How funny that the sky shed a tear!lol!