Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012- Thursday

Well another Insane weekend of pure fun has come and gone and already I and I'm sure everyone else that attended Tiki Oasis is already counting down the days for the next Tiki O. I seemed to have spent most of my time IN the pool this year and less time taking photos so with the few photos I took as well as stealing some photos from my friends I will be giving you the run down of this years vacation in San Diego for my most favorite event EVER TIKI OASIS!
 Thursday we left around 11am. Jen and Roland ( first timers) and Toni (fist timer) all met up at my house around 10:30am. From there we all loaded up into Jen's Mini Van and made a quick couple pit stops for booze and snacks and headed down South. Jen and Roland and Toni were all staying at the Motel 6 next door which pretty much adjoins the Crowne Plaza where Gabe and I were registered and the main location of Tiki Oasis. We  saw that Michael and Hiram were across the way hanging up their banner. Everyone with the pool and stage facing rooms usually decorate their balconies.
 Gabe and I registered in and went to our room to unpack and freshen up and wait for our roommates Josh and Vicki to arrive. Josh and Vicki brought their tiki Bar which was a nice touch to our balcony.
 A lot of people don't come til Friday but we always make it a point to be there Thursday so we can join the meet and greet at Bali Hai...which by the way is amazing! Check out the link!!
 We went to the main lobby to purchase wristbands for the shuttle for the Bali Hai once everyone met up with us in our room. Tiki Oasis always welcomes everyone with a photo op set up in the lobby. Here Michael...let me get a photo of you!
 on the way back to the room we saw a lot of crime scenes ( fyi this years theme was Spy)
 I love how this crime scene even had the martini glass included LOL
 Michael had to lay in them all
 Us walking back to our room..Sluggo took this from another room..he met up with us with a BIG dispenser full of Sangria back at the room
 and it was awesome that our Buddies from Portland Drew and Dana were staying right next door to us!
 Back at the room we put on some tunes and had some drinks. First room party at the Purple Orchid room started at 3:30 so we headed there and had some EXTREMELY strong one got pictures of that room party.
Nice and to get ready for tonight at the Bali Hai
 We all got dressed and headed down to the lobby to catch a shuttle
 and we all fit too!! Nothing funnier than having a bunch of drunks laughing and having shenanigans in the shuttle

 As soon as we got to the hotel we went and picked up our tiki o wristbands at registration and went right in line to buy the Bali Hai infamous No Mixer all booze Mai tai.
 There was a stage with lots of entertainment ( which I did not see cause we had dinner reservations at Bali Hai so we were inside eating) (no dinner photos :/)
After dinner it was time for another drink and mingling to exotic sounds
It was loads of fun and we were all pretty toasty by now. We all were pooped and ready for bed by this point.
We headed back or should I say Stumbled back to the front to get on the shuttle and head back to the hotel. Once we got back to the hotel we saw several peeps having more drinks at the sushi bar in the lobby. I could not drink anymore and really just wanted to go to thing I DID NOT want to do is be up late and get extra hammered and be hung over all weekend. Luckily it was a great nights sleep with No hang over.

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Thelma said...

you guys look like you had sooo much fun! good thing you took it easy on the drinks...nothing worse than a hang over!!