Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiki Oasis 12: Friday

Friday morning we woke up to people partying in the pool and poolside exotica and spy music. Not too shabby. We slept in a bit ( we are on vacation after all) So by the time we were ready to eat it was close to lunch time.
 We headed over to get some sushi rolls. We had them last year and they are pretty good. I like to get what they call the Pizza roll. It is like a cali roll but with tempura and cheese on it and baked. So delish!
 Toni,Jen and Roland Met us as well for a bite! Of course I had a Mai Tai with my sushi!
 Afterwards everyone got changed into their swimsuits,and Toni brought a cooler for of Honey Jack and Lemonade cocktail which REALLY hit the spot. Sluggo also brought over some homemade Sangria. Let the drinks flow and the poolside shenanigans take place!
 Loryn came down with us and soon a bunch more of our friends followed!
 Acting silly
 Drew from Portland  stopping by the table and making the rounds

 So while a bunch of us were enjoying our cocktail buzz, the warm sunshine, the bands and Dj's playing tunes poolside, the fresh air and lots of laughter with our friends Old and new the music I noticed a lot of people coming by the pool area in trench coats...of course with the Spy theme going on I didn't really think to much about it..then POW...
 The Music was louder and the Flash Mob Began! While we were in the pool ALL the people started dancing

 They tore off their trenches and go go danced...Oh how we wished all of us inthe pool knew about this cause we would have TOTALLY flashed mobbed them back with some sycronized swimmimg moves...a little Austin Power-ish...It was pretty fun to watch especially when your intoxicated and already having the time of your life!
 After HOURS in the pool we noticed the Sip and Shop was starting. Basically what the Sip and Shop is ..It is a group of all the floor suites at the Plaza and those are booked by stores and Galleries and they make them in to little store fronts for the attendees of tiki o to shop at. At 4 pm they set up Bars our side their shops and have specialty drinks created and you just get in line and pick up a cocktail in front of each store front ..all free...just tip your bartender. We went to one that had 2 specialty cocktails made with a Ginger beer. One was with fresh raspberries and the other was sorta like a mai tai. We got One of each and went back to the table double fisted. Very yummy cocktails. I wanted to check out the others but I knew we still had LOTS more drinking to do at the room parties happening.
 Every Year at Tiki O you will always find a plethora of flyers posted in all the elevators of all the room parties! Here is a small portion...
and more....
 The Hosts of the Ventiki Room Party ..the man with the Golden Tiki
 Golden crime scene in the room
 The Golden Tiki!
 They had a fun photo op booth out on the patio with props...They than handed out the photos poolside Saturday afternoon. This is a photo of the Photo.
 Lots of people...but we could not stay long..there were more room parties to attend...
 I swear ...there is always a donkey show flyer up every year...for laughs...or so I hope...yipes!
 We went into another room party where everyone spoke with a Russian accent and had their specialty cocktail offered which I think was this time my taste buds were SO NUMB from all the damn booze I been consuming Don't really remember what it tasted like..We were all given mustaches to wear and robot boxes..a few of us noticed as well that we were bugged cause everyone found on their back or shoulder or purse there was a lady bug hard plastic sticker on them!
 Robot Box !
 Someone was out passing out cigars..Jen got one..There was another person out and about with a mini cooler passing out Rummy Bears as well.
 hehehehehehe weird angle...
 We cruised around the hotel hitting up a few room parties
 and found some friends along the way. I love Glen and Vanessa! I will have to visit them up in San Francisco very soon!
 After the room parties we knew it was time to go back to the room wash up and get ready for the Night events. This was from our balcony. The bands were on stage performing. So much going on in the evening..entertainment on the big stage, dance party in the ballroom, Burlesque show in another ballroom and room parties filled with free drinks,bands and other entertainment whether it be dj's, dancing or burlesque acts!
 Gabe and I were hungry so we headed to the hotel restaurant to grab a quick bite. Dana and Giselle!!
 Waiting for my food and a night of spy tastic parties
 Vicki and Dana.
 When we were done eating it was back to the room parties...As you can see just on this one tiny small part the parties were going off!!
There was some fun get ups during the night
 These gals had a jet pack drink dispenser..they gave Gabe and I a shot
 Hanging in the Swank Bastards room party
Thee Swank Bastards!! After this we walked a round bit but I started getting bad heartburn and indigestion from eating my food too fast and was so TIRED so I went back to the room to crash out! I did make it almost to midnight!

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