Friday, August 3, 2012

Concert in the Park

Yesterday I took the kids and met up with Toni and Hilarie and her two children at Del Valle Park to watch Stone Soul. As soon as I got off work I packed up my big blanket,the kids and headed to pick up some snacks and off we went.

 Ava had the best time hanging with Ali
 He said he had a good time
 Ava loved copying everything that Ali did but Ali did not like it so much

 People were getting up and dancing
 London was being such a good boy...where is that smile???
 There it is!!
 He got a little startled when the band started up again
 Ava wanted to go dance so she dragged Parker out there with her but he would not dance with her back
 Then they went and played some ball
 Towards the end of the concert everyone was dancing!!
So glad to spend a nice warm summer evening listening to good music with a picnic and friends.

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