Monday, August 6, 2012

Glow in the Dark Party

I had a pretty busy weekend of activities..Friday ended up at a night club with my brother, Saturday ran errands and than headed over to the Queen Mary for Mods and Rockers and than yesterday did more errand, went to Disneyland for a little while and then headed to Pump it UP for Abby's 6th Birthday. The theme of the party was a ninja Pj Glow in the Dark Party

 All the kid had to watch a safety video first. Everyone had on their Pj's and got glow in the dark necklaces.
 Well...Parker wore his as a headband
 In side was nice and cool and DARK! With only black lights, lazers and glow in the dark necklaces and Loud Music. The Kids were Having a BLAST!!
It was pretty hard to take pictures

Even Gabe and I went on a few of the Inflatables.

It was like a RAVE for kids
After about what seemed to be about 2 hours it was time for food!
The kids had Pizza but us adults had CHENS!
And of course the Fun Ninja Cake! The party favor boxes were filled with Asian treats and Ninja Paper stars and other fun stuff. My camera died so I could not get anymore photos.
It was a fantastic party though...and I am tired today!


Thelma said...

Cool kids Party! Umm Chen's sounds so good right now!

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